Print & Electronic Reserves

Information for Instructors & Faculty:

Instructions and Forms for Reserving Print & Electronic Reserves

There are four simple and easy ways to reserve print items for your course(s):

Option One.

Make a request through Voyager Catalog.

Option Two.


Option Three.

Visit the Wong Audiovisual Center located on the Third Floor during normal business hours to make your Print & Electronic reserve request.

Option Four.

Downloading the printer-friendly reserve form from this web site


For items not in the library's collection which require ordering, please include as much additional information as possible (publisher, distributor, address/telephone, year, ISBN #, etc).
Reserve items are used by many people, so please remember that any library item may already be in use for another class or professor. If the same item is used by more than one class or professor, the shorter loan period will be used.
We advise you to turn your list in as soon as possible so that we may accommodate your needs.

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Information and Policy on Print and Electronic Reserves

UH instructors or professors can request printed materials (library or personal copies of books, photocopied handouts and articles, etc) for students to come into Sinclair Library and use or be scanned or linked from the Online Catalog.

Types of Reserve Items

Library Items

Such as books and photocopies of journal articles may be placed on reserve.

Electronic Copies

The Library can scan items if copyright allows or provide links to electronic journals & sources.

Personal Copies

Books copies of exams or other course materials. All personal copies submitted for reserve will be labeled and barcoded. Although staff take all reasonable precautions, personal materials on reserve are at some risk. Do not place valuable or irreplaceable items on reserve.

Disclaimer for Personal Copies: The University of Hawai`i Library at Manoa will not be responsible for any damaged, missing and/or lost personal copy while on reserve. Faculty will be notified to either replace the personal copy or to withdraw it from reserve.

Materials from these collections may NOT be placed on Print Reserve:

Note: Make arrangements directly with these departments and inform students that items must be used at their respective locations.

The University of Hawai`i at Manoa Copyright Guidelines, governs the making of reproductions of copyrighted material. In accepting reproductions for reserve, the Library assumes that the copy or copies listed have been made in compliance with fair use provisions.

Copy of the guidelines is available at the circulation counter.

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Number of Recommended Copies

Providing at least the recommended number of copies will ensure that all students have access to reserve materials.

Processing Time

Requests and items may be submitted for reserves one year in advance. Upon receipt of your completed request the following processing times will apply:

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End of Semester Procedures

Unless specified otherwise, reserve lists and items will automatically be withdrawn from Reserve at the end of the current semester.

Reprints and personal copies will be delivered to the departmental office. Pick up by faculty are welcomed. Library books will be returned to their respective library shelves.

Distance Education Courses

Faculty members from other UH campuses should make Print Reserve and Electronic Reserve requests to UHM Sinclair Library through the library on their own campus. Neighbor Island reserve services are provided for Distance Education courses.

Interested UHM faculty may contact the Print Reserve Supervisor ( at Sinclair Library to make arrangements with libraries on neighbor islands.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Email: Print Reserve Supervisor (
Phone: 956-8308 x 52

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